We are knowledgeable and competent with all levels within the food value chain and
packaging industry – Namely – Smoked Trout, Livestock Production,
Chicken/Beef/Lamb/Pork Abattoirs, Deboning and Pre-packing facilities, Beverages,
Carbonated Soft Drinks, Ready-To-Eat products, Processed Meats and Cheese, Bakeries,
Confectionary, Milling (wheat & maize), Hot Deli’s and Restaurants, Retail Shops, Biltong and
food contact packaging PET bottles /packing material

Leave this daunting task to the real experts, with tons of real experience. Yolanda and Marni has you sorted with the best ISO-related knowledge in the biz. They’ll get you certified and compliant in no time. 

Yolanda is a powerhouse of knowledge. From food safety regulations to every documented by-law sanctioned before even her great-grandmother was born. Trust her to get your staff back on track. 

Our highly-skilled and BSc educated Sonet knows how to get your labels within South African legislation. Not a millimetre goes by without her detail-oriented eye catching it. Happy labelling!

Hanro and Sonet doesn’t beat around the bush when it come to auditing. They’ll make sure your business is quality assured and compliant before you can even say “downtime”. 

When you’re thinking ‘Regulatory Compliance’, congratulations! You are now thinking like a real business owner. Yolanda is known in the industry for being a walking regulations encyclopedia. 


We are a dynamic team specializing in business consultation, internal and/or external auditing, risk assessments and statutory compliance within direct and indirect food related industries. Our hub is based in Gauteng, but we provide specialized services throughout South Africa and neighbouring countries.